THREEXoNE Aggregat


The series threexone aggregat was created in the course of the second artist residency in Chalk Hill California 2019.

It is a visual inventory of our view of and interaction with an essential resource that is still an uncontrollable force of nature.

It tries to grasp the evasiveness with which we perceive a shape shifting phenomenon that is surrounding us daily and yet stays unintelligible as we can’t see water molecules with the naked eye.

Is that why we are delusional about the state of one of our planets most valuable resource which we consistently pollute, which’s ‘wrath’ we underestimate, and which’s absence we can’t imagine?

How will we develop our relationship to this resource in the following centuries?

- and if we are made of water, why can’t we be clouds? -


To date, there is no consistent explanation. There are all sorts of theories about the Mpemba effect, but no consensus among experts. In addition, the paradoxical behavior can only be reproduced in part of the experiments. Why? Nobody really knows that. And so the Mpemba effect is a typical example.  It shows that researchers apparently still lack crucial knowledge about water. More precisely: about the secret that lies in the social behavior of its molecules. Because, like humans, they can cooperate in an infinite number of ways and thus produce a multitude of astonishing structures and properties that distinguish water from any other substance.


by Lea Walloschke 2019